Location: Suzhou, China
Position: Full Time

Scientist/Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics


  • MS/Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Biostatistics or a related discipline
  • Demonstrated expertise in analyzing large-scale omics data
  • Be able to work both independently and as member of project teams
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Strong scientific publications/presentations in peer-reviewed journals or at relevant scientific meetings
  • A background in cancer biology would also be advantageous

Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze large-scale efficacy and genomic data for biomarker discovery
  • Participate in research projects and work closely with partners to provide scientific input and bioinformatics support
  • Communicate results to internal and external audiences through technical reports and oral presentations

地点: 中国
工作范围: 业务发展与中国市场行销








  • 发展与执行策略性之业务计划,来达到公司在特定市场设下的目标
  • 辨別与分析商业机会,以及制定执行计划与解决问题
  • 联系潜在客户/合作伙伴来获得更多的商业机会与建立沟通桥梁
  • 发展与维持内部/外部之商业关系
  • 日常的组织管理


  • 分子与细胞生物学位 (博士学位优先)
  • 必须拥有肿瘤学与体内药理学之背景
  • 中国区10年销售PDX与CDX於药业与生技业之经验
  • 药业、生技业、CRO相关工作经验
  • 专业销售技能与创造良好的顾客关系
  • 专业协商经验与相关知识背景
  • 精通多国语言,需中文流利
  • 需配合50%以上时间於国内外出差


Company: Crown Bioscience Inc.
Location: San Diego
Position: Full Time

Quality Manager


Crown Bioscience San Diego has a Quality Manager opportunity with responsibility to manage the Quality Management System including assuring effective management reviews, complaint handling, CAPA system, change control, calibration maintenance and internal auditing.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide focus for the Quality Management System and work closely with all departments and functions to promote processes that ensure consistency, continuous improvement and compliance with quality and business requirements.
  • Provide support for Quality Systems and maintain the appropriate level of customer service. Has the ability to write clear, coherent internal business communications / reports. Formally presents results of work.
  • Prepare, host and respond to findings for external client audits.
  • Non Conformance Reports and monitoring reporting performance and trends.
  • Problem solve, identification of root cause and implementation / follow up of corrective procedures and preventive actions to ensure timely resolution of such problems.
  • Ability to perform internal audits as required according to site and global plans.
  • Use auditing as a proactive tool for improvement as well as compliance and challenge existing practice where appropriate.
  • Timely completion and follow up through to closure of CAPA actions.
  • Measuring and monitoring of performance against agreed KPIs.
  • Collate and share information / data across the site as appropriate through reports and follows up on identified improvement opportunities.
  • Actively contribute to the success of the overall QA team and the site.
  • Actively participate and/or drives EU/Global QMS improvements as required

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a Scientific/Technical field (i.e. Chemistry, Biology, or Engineering).
  • Effective communication skills are required, both written and verbal.
  • Problem solving skills are required in situations that are not procedurally managed.
  • Analytical ability is required to make competent decisions based on a review of analytical data
  • Approximately 10-15% travel may be required

Non-Negotiable Hiring Criteria:

  • Experience in a Regulated Quality environment
  • Audit experience (as Auditor or Auditee)

Company: Crown Bioscience Inc.(Taicang,Suzhou / Beijing)
Location: Beijing / Taicang, Jiangsu Province, China (Very close to Shanghai)

Position: Full Time

Director/Principle Scientist Level – Molecular Biology


  1. Ph.D. or M.D. in cancer biology, immunology, pharmacology, medicine or related discipline.
  2. >10 years of experience in in vitro and in vivo cancer pharmacology studies.
  3. Person with cancer immunotherapy background will be preferentially considered.
  4. Good at finding problems; able to creatively resolve different challenges.
  5. Strong organizational ability, good interpersonal skill, and team work spirit. Management experience is necessary.
  6. Excellent verbal and written communication skill in English.
  7. Strong scientific publications/presentations in peer-reviewed journals or relevant scientific meetings.


  1. Lead a team to execute multiple tasks simultaneously.
  2. Responsible for service projects and internal platform building projects in cancer drug discovery field, especially immune-oncology projects.
  3. Finding and solving problems to improve process.

Junior Account Manager DACH


At Crown Bioscience, a premiere tier Contract Research Organisation, we currently have an exciting opportunity to join our team as a Junior Account Manager. Preferentially based in Munich, Berlin or Vienna, the right candidate will help maintain and grow existing relations with mid-tier customers, and thereby drive the development of established business.


  • Working closely with senior operational staff to further develop and cultivate existing relationships with current customer accounts to ensure repeat and expanded business.
  • To organize and execute face-to-face client visits, accompanied by senior operational staff as appropriate.
  • Taking responsibility for all parts of the sales cycle, generating a sustainable “pipeline” of sales to meet annual growth targets in DACH territory.
  • Meeting and exceeding agreed growth and sales targets on established customer accounts
  • To represent Crown Bioscience at DACH territory-based and international meetings.
  • To recognize sales barriers and develop methods to overcome them.


  1. PhD degree in a scientific discipline with PostDoc experience from academia or industry,
  2. 1 year relevant industrial experience in a preclinical oncology/ pharmacology service-oriented CRO is a plus but not mandatory,
  3. Must have strong background in oncology and in vivo pharmacology,
  4. Must have strong business acumen, self-starting capabilities for using CRM systems, exceptional interpersonal, communication, and networking skills,
  5. German mother tongue, fluent English required
  6. Flexibility to spend approx 50%+ of sales time traveling.

For the right candidate a competitive package is available based on experience, with base salary accompanied by significant incentive potential.

To apply for this position, please email your CV and cover letter to sdempe@crownbio.com. Please include “Junior Account Manager” in the subject field

Functional area: Business Development and China marketing
Location: China

Executive Director China Business Development Opportunity

About Crown Bioscience:

The mission of CrownBio is to address the unmet needs of life sciences by creating and supplying innovative translational technologies and platforms. Our products and services have been profoundly expediting research for in-vivo, in-vitro, translational oncology, target validation, preclinical prove of concept, assistive clinical strategy design, and biomarker discovery. Those who join CrownBio feel a sense of ownership about their future. They thrive through innovation in the foremost fields in the biotechnology. Here, you will join passionate professionals who strive to develop innovative products and technologies for biopharmaceutical applications to advance fields in science and medicine. You will excel in an environment characterized by respect, integrity and growth opportunities.

Job Description:

CrownBio is currently seeking talented and motivated Sr. Business Development profession to join our business developmental team located in China. The position’s role will be responsible for the development, implementation, and execution of business sales and marketing strategies to leverage company’s business opportunities in the area of translational science, specifically, translational oncology.

Essential responsibilities are as follows, other duties may be assigned:

  • Develop and implement strategic sales plans to achieve corporate goals in the assigned market;
  • Identify and analyze business opportunity, and formulate plans to capture the opportunity and deal with problems;
  • Contact prospective customer/partner companies to further explore business opportunities and manage negotiations;
  • Develop and maintain key business relationships across a broad sphere of influence, both internally and externally;
  • Logistics management in daily order.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, PhD preferred
  • Must have strong background in oncology and in vivo pharmacology
  • PDX, CDX experience selling to pharma and biotech in China- 10 years experience
  • Relevant business experience (pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO) is preferred
  • Masterful selling skills that result in strong, trusting customer relationships
  • Masterful negotiation experience with preferred background knowledge
  • Multi-lingual desired, fluent Chinese required
  • Flexibility to spend approx. 50%+ of sales time traveling

We strive to provide a collaborative, creative matrix where each person feels encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning and culture. We are continuously looking for talents from various backgrounds to join us. Please send your resume and cover letter to lheilmann@crownbio.com








  1. 生物学或相关专业博士,五年以上分子生物学、肿瘤生物学、生物标记、免疫组织化学、组织病理学等相关领域的工作经验;
  2. 在基因细胞学和生物标记物领域有丰富的专业知识,在核酸制剂、PCR、定量PCR、免疫组织化学、FISH、免疫印迹、免疫复合检测等相关技术平台方面有丰富的实践经验;
  3. 具备实验设计、方案开发和撰写数据报告的专业能力;
  4. 具备解决问题以及分析关键数据的能力;
  5. 具备较强的团队建设和管理能力;
  6. 优秀的中英文沟通和表达能力;
  7. 具备一定的口头和书面的科学演示能力;
  8. 认真踏实、较强的自我激励能力;
  9. 能够高效地在规定时间内完成项目任务;
  10. 能够提出或接受新的想法,有事业心,创新和结果导向;
  11. 优秀的人际交往能力,能够与不同的团队精诚合作并相互支持。


  1. 基因/生物标记服务平台的开发与应用,包括基因组学,表观遗传学,PCR、IHC、WB、ELISA、FISH和其他新的试验平台;
  2. 项目研究设计,项目方案的开发与优化,项目研究报告的撰写与审阅;
  3. 负责内外部项目的执行,管理和及时提交结果;
  4. 向客户提供科学技术问题的解答以达到客户满意;
  5. 与内外部客户或合作伙伴进行高效沟通;
  6. 提供必要的数据报告和相关信息以支持商务部门的客户开发工作;
  7. 对团队成员进行技术培训;
  8. 实验室团队建设和日常管理工作;
  9. SOP的撰写,审阅和执行工作;
  10. 完成领导交付的其他工作。



  1. 硕士学位,药理、医学、生物学等相关专业, 或有经验的本科;
  2. 具有动物实验操作经验;
  3. 有良好的实验操作技能;
  4. 能够查找并阅读文献;
  5. 责任心强,有组织能力,良好的理解力和人际交往能力,有团队合作精神;
  6. 能熟练应用Office软件和其他数理统计软件进行数理统计分析;
  7. 良好的中英文书写能力。


  1. 在项目负责人的带领下领导实验小组开展内外部实验;
  2. 建立小鼠和大鼠肿瘤模型;
  3. 负责起草实验方案和报告,更新数据以及其他相关的文字工作;
  4. 负责实验人员的培训;
  5. 向项目负责人汇报。



  1. 博士学位,药理、生物、医学等相关专业。或药理工作经验丰富的硕士;
  2. 熟悉动物实验及药物研发的过程,有动物实验、手术或解剖经验者优先;
  3. 善于检索阅读文献;
  4. 善于寻找发现问题,并能创造性的解决各种问题;
  5. 有很强的责任心及组织能力,良好的理解、交际及团队合作能力;
  6. 熟练使用Office软件及其他数据分析软件;
  7. 良好的中英文听说及读写能力;
  8. 专业期刊或会议发表文章者优先。


  1. 独立领导实验人员完成多个任务;
  2. 负责内外部大小鼠肿瘤模型的建立及药效试验;
  3. 直接与客户交流完成实验方案和报告,更新数据;
  4. 发现并解决实验过程中的各种问题。












  1. 生物学或相关专业博士,五年以上分子生物学、肿瘤生物学、生物标记、免疫组织化学、组织病理学等相关领域的工作经验;
  2. 在基因细胞学和生物标记物领域有丰富的专业知识,在核酸制剂、PCR、定量PCR、免疫组织化学、FISH、免疫印迹、免疫复合检测等相关技术平台方面有丰富的实践经验;
  3. 具备实验设计、方案开发和撰写数据报告的专业能力;
  4. 具备解决问题以及分析关键数据的能力;
  5. 具备较强的团队建设和管理能力;
  6. 优秀的中英文沟通和表达能力;
  7. 具备一定的口头和书面的科学演示能力;
  8. 认真踏实、较强的自我激励能力;
  9. 能够高效地在规定时间内完成项目任务;
  10. 能够提出或接受新的想法,有事业心,创新和结果导向;
  11. 优秀的人际交往能力,能够与不同的团队精诚合作并相互支持。



  1. 项目研究设计,项目方案的开发与优化,项目研究报告的撰写与审阅;
  2. 负责内外部项目的执行,管理和及时提交结果;
  3. 向客户提供科学技术问题的解答以达到客户满意;
  4. 与内外部客户或合作伙伴进行高效沟通;
  5. 提供必要的数据报告和相关信息以支持商务部门的客户开发工作;
  6. 对团队成员进行技术培训;
  7. 实验室团队建设和日常管理工作;
  8. SOP的撰写,审阅和执行工作;
  9. 完成领导交付的其他工作。



  • 有海外教育背景或同等资历,3年以上细胞生物学、分子生物学及相关领域的工作经验。丰富的细胞学试验技术(包括细胞培养,试验设计),并具有问题分析的能力;
  • 工作认真负责,积极主动。


  • 设计并完成生物学试验,对试验问题积极分析并解决,熟练掌握肿瘤学药物靶点和信号通路的试验;
  • 筛选以及研究小分子抗肿瘤药物;
  • 掌握并提高肿瘤生物学研究的先进试验技术;
  • 数据分析,在内部及对外的学术会议上能熟练讲析试验结果并发表科研论文;
  • 管理并培养下属员工,并对他们的技术及职业发展起引导的作用。